Administrative Function Consolidation – October 1, 2014

We are always striving to improve the operations at our cemeteries. In an effort to provide better service we are consolidating and relocating the administrative functions performed at the New Calvary Cemetery Office building with those at the Mt. Calvary Cemetery Office. The administrative functions for both cemeteries will be in one location effective of October 1, 2014. The Mt. Calvary Office will house all administrative functions and it is located at 366 Cummins Hwy in Roslindale, a short distance from New Calvary Cemetery. The Mt. Benedict office is not affected by the consolidation.

We realize that this will be a change for our families and funeral directors and we ask for your patience during this transition. Please be assured that our regular staff will still be available to assist you as we have done in the past. All other New Calvary Cemetery operations will still function as in the past. We will still greet and escort all New Calvary funeral processions at the New Calvary gate and the existing phone number will be transferred to the consolidated location.