Burial Choices

Traditional Earth Interment (Full Casket)

Single burial grave, Flat Marker (burial for one)

Single grave, Flat Marker (burial for two)

Single grave, Upright monument, (burial for two)

Double Grave, Upright Monument, (burial for four)

We offer many other options for ground interment including multiple grave lots.





Cremation Earth Burial

Placing a durable urn container in the earth in a traditional grave that is already owned by your family or purchased at need.

(Durable is defined as the urn being constructed of Metal or Plastic)

(Wood, Ceramic and other materials for the urn are permitted but require the purchase of an urn vault)


urn ground burial




Cremation – Columbarium Niche Inurnment


Inurnment in a Niche space located in a columbarium. We have 2 columbarium choices.

They are located at Mount Benedict Cemetery and New Calvary Cemetery.

Each Niche will hold up to 2 urns (size dependent)

Urns may be of any material except cardboard.


niche inurnment


Sections where graves or niches are available for purchase:

(Clink on Links Below)

Mount Benedict Cemetery


Mt. Calvary Cemetery


New Calvary Cemetery




Fee Schedule:

All prices are based on normal services.
Additional fees may apply.