Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who do I call if there is a death in my family?

Answer: You would contact a Funeral Home to make arrangements.


  1. What are my choices for burial?

Answer:  We offer the choice of traditional in ground interment, in ground interment for cremated remains or the purchase of a Niche in one of our two columbarium’s.


  1. How much will the cemetery fees be?

Answer:  There are many choices available. Each family’s wishes are different, based on those wishes fees can vary. The link below will detail the current fee schedule. Please feel free to contact us at 617-325-6830 for further information


  1. What is preplanning?

Answer:  Pre planning is when you purchase a grave and pay for the fees associated with the services requested at the time of need. Preplanning allows for peace of mind for your family at the time of need and it locks in the fees at the current rates until you need them.


  1. Do you offer payment plans?

Answer:  Yes we offer payment plans for the purchase of a grave. There is a 12 month no interest plan that requires an initial down payment of 10% and then there are 12 monthly payments based on the balance remaining after the down payment. When the grave is fully paid for we offer an option to prepay service fees that lock in the current fees until the time of need. Please feel free to contact us at 617-325-6830 for further information.


  1. What is Perpetual Care?

Answer:  Perpetual Care is the basic care and maintenance of grass cover. The Boston Catholic Cemetery Association hereby covenants to perpetually keep in good condition and preservation only the grass upon a Grave /Lot, to the extent of the income received from that portion of the sale price of the lot set-aside for this purpose in the Perpetual Care Fund.


  1. Who do I call to purchase a monument or to add a name to a monument?

 Answer:  You would contact a Monument Dealer.


  1.  Does the BCCA have a page on Facebook?

Answer:  Yes we do. There are 3 pages. We regularly post announcements on these pages. The links are below.


The Boston Catholic Cemetery Association.

Mt. Benedict Cemetery.

New Calvary Cemetery.


9.  How do I contact the cemetery?

Answer:  Please use the links below;

General Questions:

Genealogy Questions:



10. What paperwork do I need to bury an urn?

You need the original Crematory Certificate, a copy of the Burial Permit and a signed Interment Order.


11. What types or urns can go directly into a grave?

Urns that are constructed of Plastic, Metal, or Granite can go directly into the grave without an Urn Vault. A McKenzie  may also go into the grave without an Urn Vault.

Urns constructed of ceramic, wood, marble, paper or fiber require an Urn Vault for inground burial.


Holiday Schedule – 2019


January 1 (Tues)                       New Year’s Observed             No Burials


February 18 (Mon)                  Presidents’ Day                                    Burials


April 15 (Mon)                         Patriots Day                            Burials


April 19 (Fri)                              Good Friday                                Burials – Half Day for Staff

(Services must be in by11:00am)


May 27 (Mon)                          Memorial Day                         No Burials


July 4 (Thurs)                          Independence Day                   No Burials


September 2 (Mon)                  Labor Day                               No Burials


October 14 (Mon)                    Columbus Day                          Burials


November 11 (Mon)                Veteran’s Day                          Burials


November 27 (Wed)                Thanksgiving Eve                    Burials – Half Day for Staff

(Services must be in by11:00am)


November 28 (Thurs)              Thanksgiving Day                    No Burials


December 24 (Tues)                Christmas Eve Observed          Burials – Half Day for Staff

(Services must be in by11:00am)


December 25 (Wed)                Christmas Day                            Closed – No Burials


December 31 (Wed)                New Year’s Eve Observed       Burials – Half Day for Staff

(Services must be in by11:00am)



Note: Overtime charges apply to all Holiday burials.

All Cemetery Offices are closed on the above Holidays EXCEPT Memorial Day.

Office hours: Main Office/Mt. Calvary/New Calvary hours are:

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 3:30pm

                  Mt. Benedict hours are: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 3:00pm