Rules and Regulations

1.  The deed of the each grave shall be presented to the Agent at the office of the Corporation in order to entitle the owner to the opening of a grave.

2.  A signed interment order must be presented at the time of the service along with the burial permit and original crematory certificate if a urn is being interred.

3.  Burial Lots or Grave(s) cannot be transferred or sold, except to the Association, at the sole option and discretion of the Board of Directors of the Association, who shall have the right to repurchase at the cost of the Lot(s) or Grave(s) when purchased by the original owner, less appropriate administrative fee.  The Association shall have the right but shall not be required to repurchase.

3.  That the proprietors of a grave(s) shall have the right to erect memorial stones or monuments; but all such structures must be set on suitable foundations, which shall be built by the Boston Catholic Cemetery Association, under the supervision of its Superintendent, and in accordance with the Cemetery Regulations regarding the erection of such structures, and the design shall be submitted for approval to the Superintendent and his approval shall be obtained before such structure shall be erected. The cost of same to be paid by the proprietor.  The dimensions of the stone for a single grave must be 24” x 12” x 10” for the Base and 20” x 8”x 26” for the Die. Other sizes are permitted with the permission of the Superintendent. The memorial stone or monument remains the property of the deed owner, who is solely responsible for its maintenance and is likewise solely responsible for any damage and/or personal injury caused by said memorial stone or monument. The Boston Catholic Cemetery Association shall retain the right to enter any lot or grave(s) to remove anything it deems objectionable, offensive or improper, in its sole discretion. No tomb shall be constructed or allowed within said lot, unless special permission of the board of Directors and in such a manner they shall direct.

4.  No grading, sodding, or repairs will be allowed to be performed in said cemetery, excepting by the employees of the Boston Catholic Cemetery Association, at the expense of the owner, and under the supervision of the Superintendent, unless by consent of the Cemetery Committee.

5  No fence, statues, chairs, vase, enclosure, curbing, or steps shall be erected, nor hedge nor bushes planted on or around any lot or grave(s) by the proprietor of said grave(s) or lot and no flowers shall be planted by the proprietor except with the permission of the Board of Directors. Seasonal flowers may be placed on graves with the understanding that the cemetery staff may remove them if they interfere with maintenance of the area. No glass containers may be left on graves as  they are a safety hazard. Regular cleanups are done each season to remove faded flowers and unsightly and /or damaged remembrances. Artificial flowers are discouraged. Flowers from funeral services are generally removed within 7 days after the service depending upon the weather conditions.

6.  Said lot, or grave(s), shall be indivisible, and upon the decease of the proprietor, their heirs shall succeed to their rights and privileges. If there is more than one heir, they shall, within nine months of such decease, designate in writing to the Secretary of the Boston Catholic Cemetery Association, which their numbers shall represent the lot or grave(s), and on failure so to designate, the Directors may enter on record which of said heirs shall represent the lot or grave(s), while such failure continues.

7.  Visitation is only permitted when are gates are open. The gates close at different times based on the season. Gates are opened at 7:30 am and close at 4:00pm during the Fall and Winter months. Gates close at 6:30pm during the late Spring and Summer months.

8.  Photography is only permitted for private use. Photography or video recordings of burials is not permitted.

9.  Sitting, climbing on or standing on monuments is not permitted.

10. Dogs, bikes, off road vehicles, skateboards and roller blades are not permitted on the cemetery grounds.

11. Visitors are asked to stay clear of areas where funeral services are in progress. Please accord the  family and mourners the same respect that you would wish for your family.

12. Solicitation is not permitted on cemetery property for any reason.

13. The removal of flowers and/or remembrances from a grave by anyone other than the immediate family or cemetery grounds staff for maintenance is strictly forbidden.

14. Fire arms and concealed weapons are not permitted on cemetery grounds.